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Shanghai is proud of its two large, modern international airports – Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport. The former is 13 kilometers west of the city downtown and the latter is 30 kilometers away to the east of the city in Pudong Area. At present, most domestic flights start off and land at Hongqiao and most international flights at Pudong.
Special Shuttle bus lines are available for both of these two airports. And also there is shuttle bus line goes between those two airports.
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Everyday more than 70 pairs of trains run between Shanghai and other cities of China. There are 3 railway stations in Shanghai now: Shanghai Railway Station (also known as Shanghai New Railway Station), Shanghai West Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station. At present, Shanghai Railway Station is responsible for most of Shanghai's railway transportation, and Shanghai South Railway Station is playing a more and more important role, especially those transportation to the neighborhood Zhejiang Province.
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At present, there are 8 metro lines have come into use in Shanghai, and another more than 5 lines are still under construction. The metro network system can almost send you to all those main tourist attractions and commercial areas.

Line 1: Xin Zhuang – Fu Jin Road
Line 2: Song Hong Road – Zhang Jiang High-tech Zone
Line 3: Shanghai South Railway Station – North Jiang Yang Road
Line 4: Yi Shan Road – Hong Qiao Road
Line 5: Chun Shen Road – Min Hang Development Zone
Line 6: Gang Cheng Road – Ji Yang Road
Line 8: Yao Hua Road – Shi Guang Road
Line 9: Gui Lin Road – Song Jiang New City

Maglev Train
Shanghai’s Maglev train in the only maglev train in China, it links from Long Yang Road to Pudong International Airport. It takes only 8 minutes to cover the whole distance. It is no double to be the fastest way to get to the airport. A one-way ticket sells 50RMB. With your air ticket, you can get 10RMB discount.
Maglev Train Schedule:

 Operation Time:  06:45 -- 21:32
 First Train  from Long Yang Rd Station (L)  06:45
 from Pudong International Airport Station (P)  07:02
 Last Train  from Long Yang Rd Station (L)  21:30
 from Pudong International Airport Station (P)  21:32

 06:45-17:00 (L)
 07:02-17:02 (P)

 17:00-21:00 (L)
 17:02-21:02 (P)

 21:00-21:30 (L)
 21:02-21:32 (P)

 Max Speed  06:45-08:45 (L)
 07:02-08:47 (P)

 09:00-16:45 (L)
 09:02-16:47 (P)

 17:00-21:30 (L)
 17:02-21:32 (P)

In shanghai, there are about 50,000 taxies, so it is very convenient to take a taxi
For the first 3km, the fare is 11RMB. After 3km, it charges 2.1RMB for each km. However, between 11:00pm and 5:00am, the fare is 13RMB before 3km, and 2.6RMB after 3km. If the total trip longer than 10km, an extra fee need be to added (daytime: 3RMB/km, nighttime: 3.9RMB/km)
Shanghai Taxi Call Center: 96965


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