Shanghai Shopping

* East Nanjing Road Area

1. Blemall 百联世茂国际广场Shanghai First Provisions Store

2. Shanghai First Provisions Store 上海第一食品商店

3. San Yang Local Provision Store 三阳南货店

4. Cai Tong De Tang Chinese Pharmacy 蔡同德堂

5. Zhen Lao Dao Fang 真老大房

* Middle Huaihai Road Area

6. Shanghai Landmark Department Store 置地广场Shanghai Landmark

7. Pacific Department Store 太平洋百货淮海分店

* Shanghai Old City Area

8. Yu Yuan Bazaar 豫园商城

9. Shanghai Old Street 上海老街

* Other AreasShanghai Old Street

10. Qi Pu Road 七浦路

11. Antique Bazaar on Dong Tai Road 东台路古董街

12. Super Brand Mall 正大广场



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