Shanghai in Chinese means "go to the sea", it used to be a small town by the sea, people here did trading long time ago since Chinese Song Dynasty. It was after the Opium War when Shanghai really opened to the world. After that the colony culture, the local Hai Pai Culture and Chinese traditional culture all mixed together to make Shanghai a melting pot. Today, when you walk along the bund of Huangpu River, you can not imagine how far from reality dated back hundred years ago that Shanghai becom

Shanghai Industrial Tour

As one of the biggest tourist destinations in China, Shanghai has its unique charm to attract millions of tourist from all over the world. Shanghai of Heights, Shanghai of Creation, Shanghai of History, Shanghai of Future, as the birth place of China's Modern Industry, Shanghai can not be so prosperous without a rapid development if its modern industry. In our Shanghai Industrial Tours will give you a deeper and more complete view of the city.

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Shanghai Cultural Tour

Being a big melting pot with a population largely make of migrants and enjoying a long and colorful history with a fine location, Shanghai boasts a rich and diverse culture and art. People generally think of Shanghai's culture and art style as Hai Pai (Shanghai style), characteristic of assimilation, incorporation, diversity, and progressiveness…

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Shanghai History Tour

People always believe that "if you want to know what happened in China 2000 years ago, you must go to Xi'an, if you want o know what happened in China 1000 years ago, you must go to Beijing, if you want to know what happened in China in the recent 200 years, you must go to Shanghai". It dose not mean that Shanghai is a young city, it is because Shanghai witnesses the great changed happened in China from feudal society to Colonial society and to today's modern society.

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Shanghai Modern Tour

Beijing a municipal city directly under the Central Government, Shanghai is China's large metropolitan and industrial base. Up to now, more than half of he FORTUNE 500 companies have made investment in Shanghai. Shanghai is also the leading port in China and it is a center of technology, trade, finance, information and culture. Today's Shanghai has become a center city in East Asia, and playing a very important role in the Asia Pacific Area…

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Shanghai Religious Tour

Shanghai, as an international cosmopolitan city, it has a free atmosphere to accept cultures and religions from all over the world, and mixed it or combined it together with the local culture and religions. Foreigners with different kind of religions can also find their home of spirit in Shanghai's dotted Church, mosques, and Jewish site…

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Shanghai Subway Tour

Shanghai nowadays has a very developed subway systems of metro with ten different lines, throughout all over the city center and the surrounded area. Have a subway tour in Shanghai, you will not bothered by the busy traffic and it is more convenient, economical and fashionable. Backpacked your things, and let’s target on our destination…

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