As the Shining "Pearl of the Oriental", Shanghai has attracted world's focus for its dramatic changes in the recent 30 years. Every year, over 10 million people from abroad travel to Shanghai. If you are one of them, you may have the desire as most of them to take a break from your business or stay longer for holidays in Shanghai to have a one-day or a couple of days city tour of Shanghai to see this young international cosmopolitan city from your own point of view. Here you will find what you w

Shanghai One Day City Tour

Give us one day, we will return you a hundred years of Shanghai. Old Shanghai, Modern Shanghai; Bustling Shanghai, Tranquil Shanghai; Elegant Shanghai, Crazy Shanghai, you can come to know about Shanghai on your own way started from today.

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Shanghai Two Day City Tour

If you have will have a couple of days free at Shanghai, please let us plan your tour in Shanghai, that will be great. In Two-day time, you will see more and learn more about Shanghai. You will find out how rapidly Shanghai has been developed in the recently hundred years. You will see Shanghai’s colorful architectures, you will enjoy a shanghai style culture atmosphere. you will also have time to explore shanghai’s modern civilization.

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Shanghai Night City Tour

Shanghai is a sleepless city. Bustling Nanjing Road, starry Huangpu River; Enjoy some free time at Xin Tian Di bar street, or watch a world class acrobatic show. Night of Shanghai, no reason to sleep…

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