Shanghai Cuisine

Shanghai cuisine does not have its own style in “Eight Traditional Cuisine of China”, but still it is very popular because it refines the taste of food from the neighborhood provinces, mainly from Jiangsu province (known for its Su Cuisine) and Zhejiang province (known for its Zhe Cuisine). As a main part of your trip in Shanghai, we will recommend here 10 most worth tasting food or snacks in Shanghai.

 1. Pan-Fried Steamed Dumpling  
This is one the most famous snacks in Shanghai, with the delicious meat pie inside the dumpling, it will have rich juice when you bite it. The most popular three restaurants now in Shanghai where it makes best Pan-Fried Steamed Dumpling are “Feng Yu Sheng Jian”, “Fei Long Sheng Jian” and “Xiao Yang Sheng Jian”. There is one chain store of “Feng Yu Sheng Jian” on West Huaihai Road.

 2. Chopped Cold Boiled Chicken  
This is a kind of traditional food in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area. In Shanghai, some restaurants like “Zheng Ding Ji” and “Xiao Shao Xing” refined the flavor of the chicken and it becomes very popular in the market.

 3. Topping Soup Noodle  
This is a kind of Jiangsu style soup noodle. Some Shanghai Noodle restaurants are very good at making this kind of the noodles, especially in De Xing Noodle Restaurant; it makes nice Topping Soup Noodle with two delicacies.
De Xing Noodle Restaurant Add: No. 612, Middle Henan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

 4. Nanxiang Steamed Meat Dumpling  
Almost every restaurant in Shanghai sells Steamed Meat Dumpling, but none of them can compete the Nanxiang Steamed Meat Dumplings in Yuyuan Bazaar. Everyday there is such a long queue in front of the restaurant. Tourists from both home and abroad want to have a try of this most famous snacks in Shanghai.

 5. Rice Cake with Rib  

It is a kind of snack that made of fried rice cake together with fried ribs, some specially made juice is another must to highlight the flavor of the snacks. For this snack, we recommend “Xian De Lai” and “Bei Wan Xin” restaurants
Xian De Lai Restaurant Add: No.18 South Yunnan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

 6. Three Seafood Meat Wonton  
This is a typical Shanghai local snack. The Wonton is small but delicious, full of juice, “ Wan Shou Zhai” restaurant nearby Former Residence of Mr. Lu Xun on Shanyin Road is the most famous for its Three Seafood Meat Wonton.
Wan Shou Zhai Add: No.123, Shanyin Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

 7. Chicken Porridge  
Chicken Porridge as it is named is made of chicken soup. The chicken soup porridge with the chicken itself makes the porridge especially delicious. Those porridge can be found in most chicken themed restaurant, among which Xiao Shao Xing Restaurant make the best one.
Xiao Shao Xing Add: No.1588, Pudong Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai

 8. Fried Bean Curd in Bean noodle Soup  
This is a very common snack in Shanghai, it is made of fried bean curd and bean noodle with soup. But to find the best Fried Bean Curd in Bean noodle Soup, you must go to “Zhen Lao Da Fang” in East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

 9. Braised Hairy Crabs  
Braised Hairy Crabs is the most popular food in Shanghai. In Crab season, crab is a must food in local Shanghai people’s family or friends gathering banquet. The best Braised Hairy Crabs can be found in Wang Bao He Restaurant in Fuzhou Road near Nanjing Road.

 10. Eight Delicacies in Hot Sauce  
This is one of the most famous Shanghai local foods. It uses eight different raw food fried with delicious hot sauce, makes it tastes hot and sweet. In the famous Lv Bo Lang Restaurant in Yuyuan Bazaar, the best and the most traditional Eight Delicacies in Hot Sauce can be found here.



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