Shanghai Religious Tour

Shanghai, as an international cosmopolitan city, it has a free atmosphere to accept cultures and religions from all over the world, and mixed it or combined it together with the local culture and religions. Foreigners with different kind of religions can also find their home of spirit in Shanghai's dotted Church, mosques, and Jewish site…

Shanghai's main religions are Buddhism,Taoism, Islam, and Christianity. Religion with fewer adherents are the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christianty and numerous regional faiths, as practiced by China's ethnic minorities.  Shanghai has an interesting background in terms of religion. After the Treaty of Nanjing opened Shanghai for international trade in the 1800s, foreigners plunged headlong into the city, bringing their various religions with them. As a result, Shanghai is filled with European-style churches, mosques, synagogues, and the traditional Buddhist temples.  Today, there is something for everyone in Shanghai. Houses of worship for just about every religion there is can be found in the city, though the residents as a whole do not consider themselves particularly religious.

  • Jade Buddha Temple

A favorite placefor visitors is the Jade Buddha Temple, situated at the cross of Anyuan and Jiangning roads in the northwest of Shanghai. The temple derives its name from its two fine white jade Buddhas, one recumbent on a redwood bed and the other seated on a lotus flower. In 1882, the teo Burma by Monk Huigan, who had a temple especially built at Jiangwan. In 1918, it removed to present site.  The jade Buddha Temple is a medium-sized temple belonging to the Chan school of Buddhism. It follows the classical Song Dynast style, with a symmetrical complex of prayer halls and courtyards surrounded by saffron yellow walls topped with ornamental tiles. The main entrance has a double roof of upswept eaves and red lacquerware doors. There are a number of structures, such as the Heavenly King Hall, the Grand Hall, the reclining Buddha Hall and the Jade Buddha Chamber.


  • Jing'an Temple

Bubbling Well or "yong quan" has long been associated with Jing'an Temple. Legend has it that early in 247 during the Three Kingdoms period, a temple was built on north bank of Wusong River, aldo known as Suzhou Creek. Around 1008AD, the temple adopted its present name of Jing An Si or Jing'an Temple.  The overflowing water and surging waves from the river kept eroding the base of the temple, however, and some house kept leaning. Finally in 1216 AD during the Southern Song Dynasty(1127-1279), the temple was moved to its present site. Near the temple ther was a bubbling well.

Shanghai Muslim City Tour
In the light of the religious freedom policy,Shanghai Islamic actvities are getting on very well.This route will take you to the head office of Shanghai Muslim Association.Show you the development of Islam in Shanghai.
Shanghai City Tour with Buddhist Temples
Shanghai, as a melting pot, attracts all kinds of cultures, arts exchanging here, it also accepts all kinds of religions, and Buddhism is also one of them. There are quite a few Buddhist temples spreading in Shanghai, among which Jade Buddha Temple and Jin’an Temple are two most famous one, our Buddhist tour in Shanghai will take you visit those two historical temples.

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