World Heritages in China

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites is an organization that contains the World Heritage Committee. The chief function of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites organization is to recognize cultural or natural heritages around the world and ensure their protection. All the structures and sites that have been recognized by them are places of immense significance either as spectacular places, cultural establishments or for their natural beauty. There are several places in China which fall under the category of being China's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In fact, of 968 places designated around the world, 33 are China's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These places have either cultural or natural implications. The map shows the location of all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China:

5-Day Huangshan and Huizhou Villiage Disvovery Tour
Hongcun, located at the foot of Mount Huangshan in east China's Anhui province, boasts well-preserved Hui-style buildings and beautiful surrounding green hills with clear streams winding through.
Five-Day Tour to Qiandaohu, Wuyuan Village and Sanqing Mountain
This route includes the most beautiful lake and most beaytiful village in China, as well as the new member of world heritage Mountain Sanqing. Choose this you can enjoy the water, mountain, and life in typical Chinese way.
Xiamen-Fujian Tolou-Wuyishan 4-day tour
The words are plain to describe Tulou in Fujian province. Some say it is the No.1 building under heaven. You must see it with your own eyes then you can feel the magic of this building.

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