Mount Putuoshan is actually a small island on the East China Sea. It is only 297 meters above sea level and is located 5km east of Zhoushan island in Zhejiang province. The mountain is famous because it is known to be the residence of Goddess Guanyin, often known in English as the Goddess of Mercy or the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.Mount Putuoshan is one of the Four Great Buddhism Mountains in China. There are three main Buddhism Temples.

Puji Temple, located at the center of the island, is the most accessible and famous Temples and the most important place to hold all kinds of Buddhism Ceremony. There are halls for every five steps distance and pavilions for every ten steps distance in the temple. In the temple, it dedicates to Goddess Guanyin for his thirty-two bodies Statues which is only can see in Guanyin worship ceremony place.  
Fayu Temple is located at the foot of Fodingshan (Foding mountain), at the north end of 1000 step Beach. It is constructed by the structure of the mountains up to six stone foundations. Fayu temple is first constructed in Ming Dynasty, by was destroyed in the fire. The temple we see now started to be reconstructed in Early Qing Dynasty, and now it has become the second biggest temple in Putuo Mountain

Huiji Temple is located near the top of Fodingshan. As the one of the most important scenic attractions, visitors can take the cable car up to the temple. However, pilgrims prefer to  take the concrete steps from near Fayu Temple. It takes about 1 hour to climb the mountain. One the way to the temple, you can see many stone carvings, among which there is one carving is the most famous written by the national hero of Ming Dynasty- Qi Jiguang. He wrote "Buddhism Mountain over the Sea"

Putuo Island Buddism Pilgrimage Three-Day Tour
As one of the four sacred mountains in Buddhism in China, Mount Putuo is located over the East China Sea. Today it is also well-known as a popular tour destination.
Putuo Island Buddism Pilgrimage Two-Day Tour
There are many temples and monastery scattered in the island, but the Three Main Temples is a must to visit. We will take the cable way up to Huiji Temple which is on top of the mountain, and then come down to visit Fayu Temple and Puji Temple. Puji Temple is considered as the master temple over the island where it boasts the most grand halls and the Nine Dragon Wall.

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