Green islands, blue water and golden water wave make up a lake of sweet dream and a clean world.
Romantic, impassioned and comfortable, it belongs to you,
a wonderful leisure resort - Thousand-Island Lake

Located in the west of Zhejiang province, Thousand-Island Lake is 145 kilometers to the provincial capital, Hangzhou, and 128 kilometers to splendid Huangshan Mountain. This is a shining pearl on this Hangzhou-Thousand-Island Lake-Huangshan Mountain international golden tourist route. The big lake has an area of 573 square kilometers which is 108 times of that of Hangzhou West Lake. In further, the capacity is more than 3,000 times of that of West Lake. So it has been given an epithet of three thousand Xizi. The advantaged Thousand-Island Lake has long and zigzag lakeshore line, wide lake surface and 1,078 scattered islands. Especially, long time water and soil conservation has formed an entironment of green mountains, flourishing woods, fresh air and clean lake. The magnate of domestic water industry, Nongfu Fountain, is originated from here.


Two-Day Escape to Thousand-Isle-Lake Tour
The lake lies on the upstream of Xin’an River. With a total area of 580 square kilometers (224 square miles) at normal water level. This is actually a huge man-made lake formed after the construction of the dam of the Xin’an River Hydropower Station in 1950s. The natural environment here is very nice due to its location and the environment protection. Here you can have a cruise tour in the lake and visit those well-known isles once they were the peak of hills. To name some of those isles are L

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