Shanghai Cultural Tour

Beijing a big melting pot with a population largely made up of migrants and enjoying a long and colorful history with a fine location, Shanghai boasts a rich and diverse culture and art. People generally think of Shanghai's culture and art as of Hai Pai (Shanghai Style). In this metropolis, there are now about 100 museums and exhibition halls, including the world-class Shanghai Museum, featuring natural science, history urban development, various trades, and private collections. Shanghai is also among the first cities in China where the recreation industry is prospering.

Where we can visit:

  • Shi Ku Men (Stone-gate Building)
    Shi Ku Men, characteristic of the distinct Shanghai style, is generally thought of as Shanghai's original domestic architecture and typical fusion of both Chinese and Western elements. Most of Shi Ku Men Houses were built by foreign enterprises within the foreign concessions. This type of buildings features their unique wooden front doors, which are generally framed by elaborately sculpted lintels, decorated with either traditional Chinese characters or rococo motifs.
  • Suzhou Creek
    Suzhou Creek, the biggest tributary of Huangpu River, has a long history of being the most polluted natural waterway in Shanghai. Thanks to the extensive environmental rehabilitation, the Suzhou Creek has gradually become cleaner and more beautiful. Nowadays, Suzhou Creek has become the cultural oasis in the city. With a lot of mottled marks left during the past 150 years on the brick walls by the wind and rain, a group of artist from Norway and China, came there to realize their dreams. As a result of the endeavor of some pioneering artists, the Suzhou Creek has been turned into a new creative home for contemporary art.


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Shanghai Amusement Park Of Visual Art was constructed to reflect the past urban scenes of Old Shanghai.
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One of the biggest Jewish Museum in Shanghai
Shanghai Fantastic Architecture Tour
Shanghai’s architecture is varied, attractive, and colorful. Buildings of modern and traditional styles, old and new styles, Chinese and foreign styles are all close to each other.

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