Shanghai Industrial Tour

Being a municipal city under the direct control of the Central Government, Shanghai is China's largest metropolitan and industrial base in China. There are 166 different kinds of industry in all throughout China, and 157 of these can be found in Shanghai. Shanghai has maintained the longest period of contact with foreign countries among all the cities in China. Up to now, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies have made investment in Shanghai. Shanghai also has the country's largest foreign exchange trading center, as well as the home of many foreign banks and insurance companies, some of which are clustered in the Bund and Lujiazui Financial Area.

Our industrial tour packages will give you a different and special angle of view to discover the attraction of the dynamic Shanghai.

Where we can visit:

  • No. 8 Bridge and Tian Zi Fang
    No. 8 Bridge is a new recreation center already very famous both in China and abroad. It is constructed on the site of the former Shanghai Car Brake Factory. Those thick brick walls, densely laid pipes, and mottled pavements, are still preserved so that people can feel the atmosphere of the industrial civilization times. Today here has already attracted many influential enterprises specialized in art, advertising design, architectural design, and clothing design. The former factory site has now become artist's studios and romantic places for work, leisure and entertainment. Not far from the No.8 Bridge you can find a 80-year old roads called Tai Kang Road, which boasts a number of old buildings mixed with eastern and western styles. And the No. 210 Lane of Tao Kang Road, we also call it Tian Zi Fang. Similar as No. 8 Bridge, here you can find galleries, studios, blacksmiths bathhouses, silk shops, teahouses, cafes and bars in the house looks a bit shabby and simple. However, it gives the visitors the enchanting flavor of the earlier Shanghai.
  • Shanghai Auto Museum
    It is the first dedicated auto museum in China. It displays around 70 vehicles since the birth of automobiles. These cars cover 22 different brands and demonstrate the important stages during the auto history. Shanghai Auto Museum has five pavilions: History Pavilion, Technology Pavilion, Brand Pavilion, Antique Car Pavilion and Temporary Exhibition Pavilion. Shanghai International Automobile City (Shanghai Auto City) is a key project of Shanghai municipal government in the “10th-Five-Year Plan” period. With a planned area of 68 km2, Shanghai Auto City is located in Anting, comprising the Kernel Zone, the Car-Making & Parts Supply Zone, Shanghai International Circuit, the Education Zone, New Town of Anting, etc. It is a comprehensive auto-making base as well as a new modern town with integrated functions of manufacturing, R&D, trading, expo, sports, tourism.


Shanghai One-Day Auto Industrial Tour
This morning, we take a private car to Anting County, Shanghai. Anting County in Shanghai is well-known as the town of Autos, among which Shanghai Volksvagen Company has the highest reputation.

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