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Jiangsu Province in east China is a perfect example of the affluence and intoxicating landscape of China. Wuxi, one of its cities, tucked away in the Yangtze River Delta, is known worldwide as a major contributor to the province in terms of richness and charm. Covering an area of 4,650 square kms, the city has a population of 4.359 million, with 2.1306 million living in the downtown area.


Bearing a thousand years of civilization, full of warmth and water sceneries, Wuxi is a fertile land of fish and rice, well known in China as ''right pearl shining over Taihu Lake''.

As a famous city with a history of 3000 years, Wuxi is a birthplace of Wu Culture. Taibo and Zhongyong, the princes of Zhou Dynasty, came and settled down at Meili, Meicun Town of Wuxi. They set up the State of Gouwu, developed water conservancy and agriculture and initiated the new agrarian society in southern China. The 13 emperors of Wu Kingdom and its people have consecutively engaged in the making of industrial, ceramic and silk products, thus creating a new Liangxi (Wuxi's nickname) with picturesque landscape. Fanli, a minister of State Yue, led a secluded life with Xishi, one of 4 beauties in ancient China, in Wuxi. They taught people how to culture fish, make pottery and conduct trade, exerting impact upon the city's economic exploration spirit.


With rich natural and humanitarian resources, Wuxi is a tourist resort that attracts many domestic and overseas visitors.
The immense water area displays the most beautiful part of the city. In the eyes in the painter, the Taihu Lake is a water-color painting of its own. In the eyes of the poet, "the best part of the Taihu Lake, is after all viewed from the Turtle-head" In the eyes of the musician, the water and hill scenery is echoed with the local melody entitled the Moonlight Reflected upon the Second Best Spring.

With the background of Taihu Lake and hills nearby, the gardens in Wuxi are connected as necklaces. The plum garden, azalea garden and orchid garden display flowers of its own category. And the Turtle-head Peninsula is a garden that crystallizes the beauties of hills, water and human beings. 

There are many cultural relics in Wuxi. Along the sides of the Grand Canal, there are former residences of gifted personnel in the city such as Xue Fucheng, Qian Zhongshu, Qin Bangxian, etc. At Donglin College, the famous couplets that read "take care of all affairs, be those of state, family and the world, listen to all sounds, be those of wind, rain and the reading" will make people reflect upon an important chapter in Chinese culture.

Wuxi Overnight Tour
On overnight tour itinerary for Wuxi will give you more time to explore this city with long history, and find some more stories about it.
Wuxi One-Day Tour
China has long written history of five thousand years, you may not know all of it, but you must heard about Three Kingdoms Dynasty, and may also have watched some Chinese movie like “Red Cliff” which tells stories in about 1800 years ago, known as Age of Heroes.

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