Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Zhujiajiao
Zhujiajiao is a village found 1700 years ago. The town was officially established during the Ming Dynasty. The town became prosperous with the cloth and rice businesses. There are still the remnants of the historical sites, such as the post office of the Qing Dynasty, the old rice and oil stores, old banks, a power plant and ancient properties.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Feng Jing
Forming in Song Dynasty and setting up the town in Yuan Dynasty, Feng Jing Town is an ancient town with a long history of more than 1500 years. It strides across the ancient Wu and Yue two areas (today's Jiangsu and Zhejiang) and has many bridges, temples and lanes. It becomes the only "China Historical Cultural Ancient Town" in Shanghai.
Shaoxing Luxury Two-Day Tour
Our first stop in Shaoxing will be the famous Chinese Calligraphy Theme Park – Lanting Pavilion where you can visit one of the most famous Chinese calligrapher – Wangxizhi’s handwriting. Shen Garden is another place worth visiting where there is a beautiful love story about the famous Chinese poet in South Song Dynasty- Lu You.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Zhouzhuang
Zhouzhuang, Known as Number One Watertown in China, has the longest history and most typical water town scenery. Here you will find the most attractive natural view, the most attractive culture, the most traditional houses and the most hospitable people.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Xitang
South China is well known for its water towns dotted around the Taihu Lake and the surrounded area. If you watched the Hollywood film “Mission Impossible III”, you may had been impressed by the unique scene of Chinese Water Town with wood structure house, stone bridges over the river and the corridor with ceilings lines by the waters. That is what we will visit – The Watertown of Xitang.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Xinchang
If you have ever watched the Chinese film “Lust, Caution” staring by Tony Leung and Tang Wei, you must remember the beautiful Chinese ancient town scenes shot near Shanghai. That is Xinchang Ancient Watertown. All the old streets, bridges, temples and trees give the film delicate, archaistic fragrance.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Wuzhen
Stone-paved streets with wood corridor by the waters; pubs and restaurants with rice wine fragrance; dyed weavings hanging on the bamboo poles, houses in wooden structures by the waters, over which stone bridges in various designs flow through the town, this is the ancient town of Wuzhen.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Tongli
Apart from being endowed with a unique charming vista peculiar to the water township in Southern China, Tongli is rich in both cultural relics and traditional architectures. Tongli, a picturesque and elegant town, has become world-known for its having wonderful scenery, classic building and precious relics.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Qibao
Starting from Song Dynasty and being prosperous in Ming and Qing Dynasties, the old town of Qibao enjoys a history of more than 1000 years. The old roads and long lanes are left by Song dynasty whereas the pavilions, terraces and towers bear the style of Ming and Qing dynasties.

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