Shanghai Night City Tour

→ Acrobatic Show
Enjoying an Acrobatic show in Shanghai is a very unique and popular entertainment. It features breathtaking feasts of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and contortion. There are several theatres in Shanghai where you can enjoy high quality acrobatic show programs, to name some is as follows:

1. Shanghai Center Theatre “New Huangpu Sensation”
It is said to be the best acrobatic show is Shanghai. It is played by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, and the theatre is in 5 Star Portman Hotel in the city center. This acrobatic show is greatly combined the Oriental sensation of local Shanghai style art and the International show fashion. It keeps the excitement of the acrobat and develops the romance of shanghai nostalgic style.

2. Shanghai Circus World “ERA Intersection of Time”
This show combines the traditional acrobatic art with the modern high-tech elements. It tells us a story beyond time and space. The show uses the acrobatic skills together with performance of ballets and multimedia, making the stage looks fatanstic.

3. Cloud Peak Theatre “Charming Shanghai”
Cloud Peak Acrobatic Show introduces the American commercial performance mode of Broadway to China. It combines the traditional folk style of acrobatic performance with modern stage art, making the show very popular especially among foreign tourists.

→ The Dance Show “Classic of China”

With the elegant and magnificent dance, “Classic of China” shows the gorgeous fashion throughout ancient Chinese Dynasties. It presents the historical cultural, folk custom of clothing and music. It takes the audiences back into the Chinese splendid history with enjoyment of beauty.

→ Xin Tian Di (New World)
Shanghai Xin Tian Di is a cluster of Reconstructed Shikumen Architectures (Stone Gate Buildings). It is the center of fashion in Shanghai. There are all kinds of fashion stores, galleries, restaurants, bars gathering here. It is said to be the city’s living room and the most important tourism destination to show the Shanghai style life and fashion. 

Shanghai Night Tour of Acrobatic Show
Tonight we will enjoy an astounding acrobatic performance the Acrobatic team have won hundreds of gold medals in different international acrobatics competitions. If you have never experienced a world-class acrobatics show, this is a must-see event.
Shanghai Night Tour of the Bund
Nanjing Road is especially busy at night, tourists from all over the world, as well as the local people coming here to take a walk or do some shopping. The bund area, however, is the best place to look over the modernization from the historical Shanghai especially during the night time.

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