Shanghai Two Day City Tour

Many people say that "If you wish to know what happened in China 2000 years ago, please go to Xi'an; if you want to understand what happened in China 1000 years ago, please go to Beijing; if you are interested in what happened in the past century in China, please go to Shanghai." This dose not mean Shanghai is a new city, actually Shanghai has an history of 1000 year. But from the 20th century till today, as an open harbour city, it can best reflect the development of China. Our two-day tour packages can give you more chance to know about Shanghai, to give you a deeper impression of Shanghai, and to lead you to understand different aspects of Shanghai.

What we can see in Shanghai?

  • Huangpe River - Shanghai's Mother River
    The Huangpu River, the most important shipping artery of Shanghai, rises in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, and flows into the East China Sea, with a total length of 113 kilometers. The Huangpu River divides the metropolitan city into two parts: Pudong to her east, and Puxi to her west. The world famous Bund area lies between the Waibaidu Bridge and Jinling Road (E.). On the west bank of the river, stands more than twenty buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classic and Renaissance. The Huangpu River is Shanghai's pride. Whether day or night, she is always attractive.
  • Yuyuan Garden Bazaar - Shanghai's Old City
    Shanghai Old City usually means the area enclosed by Remin Road and Zhonghua Road, with Yu Yuan Garden, Yu Yuan Garden Bazaar and Shanghai Old City as the center. Here used to be one of the places where old Shanghai lower classes people lived. Now most of the crowed houses have been reconstructed, the street is clean. Shanghai Old City has now become tourists sites attract, many tourists coming here try to find the old lifestyle of Shanghainese, bargain for small Chinese souvenirs and tasting the local snacks
  • Xin Tian Di - Shanghai's New Fashionable Landmark
    Xintiandi, situated in the center of Shanghai, near both Huaihai Road and the People's Square, is famous for its successful combination of Shi Ku Men (a style of Shanghai's Traditional Architecture) and modern Western-style architecture. The structures of Shi Ku Men in Xintiandi remains its original material style, even the original materials remain, like ancient-style brick walls, clay tiles, doors, etc. Walking into Xintiandi, you can feel of backing to the 1920s in Shanghai. However, the interior of each building is completely modern. All kinds of relaxing facilities can be found here, such as cafes, restaurants, galleries, boutiques and bars. Both local people and visitors believe it the best place in Shanghai for nightlife.
  • Watertown
    East China along south bank of the lower reach of Yangtze River, dotted with many water town, featured with small river, stone bridge and original local people's lifestyle. To discover the originality of these water towns, it only takes you maximum of 2 hours by car. At day time you can travel to visit water town, and at night, you can back to Modern Shanghai in the glaring neon lights. What an amazing experience.

Shanghai Classical Two-Day Tour
This Shanghai Two-day itinerary has covered the most famous tourist sites in Shanghai. And you will also have enough time to have free shopping at Shanghai's most attractive bazaar.
Shanghai Magnificent Two-Day Tour
This Itinerary will give you an overview impression of the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, from its yesterdays's glory to today's fast development.

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