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As professional tour operator in Shanghai, our website will provide you the most complete and unique private tour packages in Shanghai city and the surrounded areas. You will enjoy our worry free service in Shanghai and come to know about Shanghai in different ways.

Five-Day Tour to Qiandaohu, Wuyuan Village and Sanqing Mountain
This route includes the most beautiful lake and most beaytiful village in China, as well as the new member of world heritage Mountain Sanqing. Choose this you can enjoy the water, mountain, and life in typical Chinese way.
5-Day Huangshan and Huizhou Villiage Disvovery Tour
Hongcun, located at the foot of Mount Huangshan in east China's Anhui province, boasts well-preserved Hui-style buildings and beautiful surrounding green hills with clear streams winding through.
Xiamen-Fujian Tolou-Wuyishan 4-day tour
The words are plain to describe Tulou in Fujian province. Some say it is the No.1 building under heaven. You must see it with your own eyes then you can feel the magic of this building.
7-Day Amazing Tour In He'nan
Discover the most famous historical cities(Kaifeng & Xi'an) in China within 7 days, you can have a basic knowledgement of Chinese cililization. Thousand years of history will just display in front your eyes while you still can feel it.
Shanghai China Golden Triangle Ancient Capitals Tour
This Golden Triangle Route can take you to the three of the most representive ancient capitals cities. Hangzhou, the most elegant one; Xi'an, the oldest one; Beijing, the most fantastic one. Spending ten days in China, you will enjoy them all.
Suzhou Garden Two-Day Highlight Tour
It is said that “Above there is a Paradise, and on Earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”. Suzhou is also a worldwide famous tourist city in China and well known by its traditional Chinese villa gardens.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Feng Jing
Forming in Song Dynasty and setting up the town in Yuan Dynasty, Feng Jing Town is an ancient town with a long history of more than 1500 years. It strides across the ancient Wu and Yue two areas (today's Jiangsu and Zhejiang) and has many bridges, temples and lanes. It becomes the only "China Historical Cultural Ancient Town" in Shanghai.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Zhujiajiao
Zhujiajiao is a village found 1700 years ago. The town was officially established during the Ming Dynasty. The town became prosperous with the cloth and rice businesses. There are still the remnants of the historical sites, such as the post office of the Qing Dynasty, the old rice and oil stores, old banks, a power plant and ancient properties.
Shanghai Ancient Watertown Tour to Xinchang
If you have ever watched the Chinese film “Lust, Caution” staring by Tony Leung and Tang Wei, you must remember the beautiful Chinese ancient town scenes shot near Shanghai. That is Xinchang Ancient Watertown. All the old streets, bridges, temples and trees give the film delicate, archaistic fragrance.
Shaoxing Luxury Two-Day Tour
Our first stop in Shaoxing will be the famous Chinese Calligraphy Theme Park – Lanting Pavilion where you can visit one of the most famous Chinese calligrapher – Wangxizhi’s handwriting. Shen Garden is another place worth visiting where there is a beautiful love story about the famous Chinese poet in South Song Dynasty- Lu You.
Shanghai Night Tour of Acrobatic Show
Tonight we will enjoy an astounding acrobatic performance the Acrobatic team have won hundreds of gold medals in different international acrobatics competitions. If you have never experienced a world-class acrobatics show, this is a must-see event.
Shanghai Magnificent Two-Day Tour
This Itinerary will give you an overview impression of the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, from its yesterdays's glory to today's fast development.
Shanghai Classical One-Day Tour
Our tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. This one-day sightseeing tour will cover almost all the important tourist sightseeings in Shanghai including Jade Buddha Temple, People Square, Shanghai Museum, Yu Garden, Nanjing Road, and the Bund.
Shanghai Wild Animal Park Tour
Shanghai Wild Animal Park is the first national wild animal park established by Shanghai Municipal Government and State Forestry Administration. More than 200 kinds representative and rare animals form the world were collected in SWAP, and the number of animal is about 10,000, such as foreign giraffe, zebra, antilope white rhinoceros and so on, at the same time such as national prior protected giant panda, snub-nosed monkey, Chinese tiger.
Shanghai Golden Beach Tour
Golden Beach is Shanghai's own beach, and you no longer have to take a long trip to Hainan Island to enjoy golden sand, as Fengxian Bay is just right in front of your house. It was opend to the public on July 13, 2006.
Shanghai City Tour by Subway
Shanghai has the most developed subway network in China. It is just like the city’s pulse greatly saves your time and cost on traffic. Sometimes the bad traffic on road may make your tour a nightmare, but take the subway; you will definitely enjoy your tour.
Shanghai Modern Highlights Tour
After breakfast in hotel, we take the private car to Long Yang Road Maglev Train Station. Shanghai Maglev Train is the first and the only maglev train in China till now, we take the maglev train from Long Yang Road to Pudong International Airport Station, it will only take you 8 minutes to cover the distance of 30 kilometers.
Old Shanghai Memory Tour
As the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years, the Bund witness Shanghai’s history and development. Along the bund stands over twenties magnificent buildings designed by architects from different countries, however, they are in great harmony with each other by the river.
Shanghai Fantastic Architecture Tour
Shanghai’s architecture is varied, attractive, and colorful. Buildings of modern and traditional styles, old and new styles, Chinese and foreign styles are all close to each other.

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