Client's Feedback

User Name: Misha
Nationality: Canada
Updated: 2009-04-16

Dear Marissa,

the hotel in shanghai was nice, u did the booking very well.

thank you.

User Name: Jeff Bagdis
Nationality: Canada
Updated: 2009-03-25

Dear Fay,

Sorry it has taken so long to answer you, but as I already mentioned, we are happy with your company's service. The tour guides were very informative and we really learned a lot about Shanghai and China. We took about 81 pictures and we will email you some pictures that we are with your company's tour guides.

Jeff Bagdis,

User Name: Chris Jordon
Nationality: Canada
Updated: 2009-03-25

Hi there,

We were pleased with your organisation concerning the trip, the services your website offered, the tour itself and, of course, the ship of the Huangpu River! we were fortunate to be the only group on board as you know, so it was undoubtedly a very exclusive experience. Everything was well organised, thank you so much for making this a wonderful experience for us.

Wish you all the best,
Chris Jordon

User Name: Matt Rogers
Nationality: Canada
Updated: 2008-04-20

Hi Marissa,

We had a happy holiday in Shanghai. The hotel was nice and crystal clean and the service was very good with very nice and gentle staff, we will recommend your service to our friends if they are about to visit Shanghai.

Best regards,
Matt Rogers

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