Shanghai Acrobatics

Acrobatics of Pujiang Feeling (Huangpu Sensation) Acrobatics of Pujiang Feeling (Huangpu Sensation)
In 2008, Shanghai Acrobatics Troupe created the New performance of "Huangpu Sensation" in order to give the tourists both from home and abroad a brand new impression of Chinese Acrobatics culture. In this performance, audiences can see the romantic old Shanghai sightseeings, the modern Shanghai fashionable rhythm and the Jiangnan water town attractions. This performance uses the fantastic acrobatic skills to combine the present and future, the oriental China and the Western World, the fashion and Nostalgia. 
Time:      19:30-21:00
Venue 1: Shanghai Center Theatre  (The one in Portman Ritz-Calton Hotel )
Add:        No. 1376 West Nanjing Rd, Shanghai
Venue 2: Shanghai Lyceum Theatre 
Add:        No. 57 South Maoming Rd, Shanghai
Published Price :         280RMB, 200RMB, 150RMB
Our Promotion Price:  200RMB, 150RMB, 100RMB

ERA- Intersection of Time ERA- Intersection of Time
It is a direct result of the combination of traditional Chinese acrobatic arts and modern technology. Just like Shanghai , ERA evolves through a constant collision between the past and future. Not only will the audience be amazed by the acrobats' control and precision, they will be enchanted by the world that is created through the use of multimedia, technology, lighting and sound effects, elaborate costumes, original live music and a lot more.  
Time:   19:30-21:00
Venue: Shanghai Circus World
Add:     No. 2266,Gonghexin Rd, Shanghai
Published Price :         600RMB, 400RMB, 300RMB, 200RMB, 120RMB
Our Promotion Price: 

Acrobatics of Shanghai Acrobatics of Shanghai
This acrobatics show is performed by Shanghai Magic Troupe and New Shanghai Circus Troupe. This is the first team who performed acrobatics in Broadway Stage of USA from China. In shanghai, their performance venue is at Bai Yu Lan Theatre, and it is the only acrobatics show which performs every day. Usually they perform only one time every day from 19:30, but it is too much overbookings, they will do extra performance from 17:15-18:45
Time:   19:30-21:00 (extra performance time: 17:15-18:45)
Venue: Shanghai Bai Yu Lan Treater  (Shanghai White Magnolia Theatre )
Add:     No. 308, South Chongqing Rd.
Published Price :         280RMB, 200RMB, 150RMB
Our Promotion Price:  200RMB, 150RMB, 100RMB

Shanghai Fantasia Shanghai Fantasia
Now at the historical Garden Theatre comes a brand new show, featuring some of China's most skillful acrobatic performances. Shanghai Fantasia is an exciting combination of traditional arts and modern stage acts that will guarantee to delight and amaze everyone. The Performance is held every night in Shanghai.
Time:     19:30-21:00
Venue:   Ma Lan Flower Treater by China Welfare Institute Children's Art Theatre
Add:       No. 643, Huashan Rd, Jin'an District, Shanghai
Published Price :         280RMB, 200RMB, 150RMB
Our Promotion Price:  200RMB, 150RMB, 100RMB

Charming Shanghai Charming Shanghai 
At the background of 2008 Beijing Olympic and 2010 Shanghai Expo, the Cloud Peaking Acrobatic Troupe try to give the friends from afar a impression of charming Shanghai. In the performance, there are several sectors of innovation for China Acrobatics, for example, the opening show of "Pole Hanging", and the woman acrobatic of "Silk Strap Skill".
Time:   19:30-21:00
Venue: Cloud Peak Treater
Add:     No.1700, West Beijing Rd, Shanghai
Published Price :         280RMB, 200RMB, 150RMB
Our Promotion Price:  200RMB, 150RMB, 100RMB

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